Addition With Seamless Integration

When we design an addition, we work hard to make sure it doesn't look like an add-on. Instead, we make sure it flows, and we make sure the finished project has a balanced cohesive look, both inside and out.

This project added over 1,000sf to this home - on two ends - but it's very hard to tell where we expanded the home. Don’t see the addition? Perfect, that’s the whole point. We integrated the new space with the existing so that it looks like it was always that way.

  • Details Matter
  • Mixing Styles
  • Right Sized Space

A close up of the molding detail. We spent a lot of time matching the details from the existing areas. Our carpenter even hand made the fluted columns when we couldn't find a ready-made molding with the right spacing to match the rest of the house.

We mixed some contemporary details - the fireplace and the cut marble tile - in with the traditional elements in this Living Room.

The results? More personality, more interest and a slimmer fireplace that doesn't take up as much space as the old one.

A view of the newly expanded Family Room. We removed a wall, added about 4' to the room, added the bar counter, and matched the existing finishes so that it's very hard to see what was changed.

Project Gallery

Click on the images below to reveal some amazing details in this project. There is more than at first glance.